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a simplified form of English proposed for use as an auxiliary language for international communication

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The initiative includes a three-month basic English language programme.
THE National Health Service in virtually every city and town throughout the UK are using interpreters for people unable to speak basic English, costing the tax payers hundreds of thousands of pounds.
He then visited the Child Protection Centre and attended a lecture on drug addiction before visiting basic English classes.
MORE than half of homeless people lack the basic English and maths skills they need to get jobs, a report will warn tomorrow.
Transguard's English language training initiative, which offers a choice of 22 proficiency courses from basic English to more advanced studies, witnessed almost 250 employees pass their literacy exam in 2013 and hopes to improve on that number this year.
During the 10-week program, Ramirez and Gutierrez received instruction on basic English in an adult classroom two nights a week, while her children received basic introductions to English, along with homework help, in their respective classrooms.
And although he has lived in this country for many years he still has fairly basic English so I don't need to worry about maKing too much conversation.
From December, members of the armed forces with partners and children from outside Europe will have to meet the same requirements as other families, including a minimum income threshold and a basic English language requirement.
We also brought 65 kilos of basic English books for the children and stuffed toys for the primary school children.
We play with them and teach them some basic English," he explained.
Dawson liked to get all flowery in his descriptions of places and people and then bring it down with bit of basic English.
This is a textbook for anyone who needs to review basic English skills in a highly simplified format.
To learn bookkeeping is to learn basic English and basic math.
But many find applicants don't even have basic English skills.
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