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a simplified form of English proposed for use as an auxiliary language for international communication

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Even a small amount of basic English can help parents make great strides for their family, Romo Villase[+ or -]or said.
From December, members of the armed forces with partners and children from outside Europe will have to meet the same requirements as other families, including a minimum income threshold and a basic English language requirement.
We also brought 65 kilos of basic English books for the children and stuffed toys for the primary school children.
We play with them and teach them some basic English," he explained.
Dawson liked to get all flowery in his descriptions of places and people and then bring it down with bit of basic English.
Peter, who attended Durham Johnston sixth form and is working in a Durham restaurant before going to Manchester University in September, said: "I am going with Restless Development to Orissa in India to teach young people aged 18-25 about sexual reproductive health and employment skills such as CV writing, basic English and ICT skills.
This is a textbook for anyone who needs to review basic English skills in a highly simplified format.
But many find applicants don't even have basic English skills.
The students will be offered basic English language course, letter, application and essay writing course, basic computer course, health, hygiene and safety awareness, first aid, human rights, personality development, photography, and sport etc.
He will also be involved in restoring school equipment and buildings, teaching basic English and games to the village children and running workshops demonstrating proper hygiene techniques.
Migrants wanting to marry a Briton or other UK resident will have to pass a basic English test before they are handed a visa, The Telegraph reports.
All the content is related to a Disney property in some way," Sugarman said, adding that through plays, skits and other interactive methods, children are taught basic English words, besides learning about shapes and colors.
Anchor your text with short words and basic English sentence structure--subject, verb, object.
Every student came away with a better understanding of the importance of learning English, as well as a basic English cooking vocabulary.
The application is also able to construct sentences using Ogden's Basic English, developed by Charles Kay Ogden in 1930 as a simplified English language with just 850 words.
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