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a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players

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a ball used in playing baseball

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Upon the baseball field Joe Welling stood by first base, his whole body quivering with excitement.
The Winesburg baseball team, under his manage- ment, was winning game after game, and the town had begun to respect him.
The overall experience was awesome,'' Dempsey said as teammates posed for pictures and autographed WBC baseballs after the game.
Articles such as "Making the Black Sox White Again," "The Flaw in the Diamond," and "The Baseball Scandal" featured cartoons depicting baseballs being scrubbed "clean and white" (see Figure 2).
Engineers who track baseballs catch insights into the game
firm with a coveted sports distinction: it's the exclusive provider of major league baseballs.
At the press conference, Brown touted a new CPSC report recommending softer baseballs with spongy cores made of polyurethane, rubber, or kapok, and protective equipment such as batting helmets with face guards, and break-away bases, which loosen from their anchoring on impact, for children's baseball leagues.
Rawlings, the official supplier of baseballs to Major League Baseball, has created a specially-designed gold baseball that will be used in every round when a player is down to his final out.
Right, Nick and Nolan Bayer check out baseballs from the 1800's at the Natural History Museum.
Rawlings is the number one brand of fielding gloves, batter's helmets, baseballs and catcher's protective equipment, and the number two brand in wood bats, according to Lippelman.
The Titans used their own college baseballs when they pitched, and the ball had considerably less jump off the bat than when his pitchers threw the major-league baseballs to the Titans hitters.
With every MLB Manager's Move of the Week on-line vote, fans will be entered in a sweepstakes to win either a pair of VIP tickets to a 2003 World Series game or one of 50 baseballs signed by Lou Piniella.
And she has memorabilia - autographed baseballs and baseball cards from the glory days when her husband, Leon Day, was a Negro Leagues pitching sensation.
To date, the site has featured a wide array of authentic items including: a game baseball from the 2001 Yankee Home Opener; a collection of 31 game-used baseballs from every home opener for the 2001 season; and a Home Plate used in the first regular season game at PNC Park.
He took with him four pairs of pants, seven shirts, a couple of ties, socks, a UCLA T-shirt, two gloves, a dozen baseballs and a bat.