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a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players

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a ball used in playing baseball

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March: Major league baseballer Mickey Mantle announces his retirement.
MUM: with Judith at the Oscars; POMPOM GIRL: As a school cheerleader; FAMILY: Husband Eric and India; EX: Baseballer David; SURVIVOR: Halle today; Picture: CAMERA PRESS/ GARY CALTON
The AHA brought along a slew of rope-jumping schoolchildren, along with retired baseballer Jim Palmer, volleyball star Gabrielle Reece and a costumed SpongeBob SquarePants, who drew the most applause by far.
Something old, something new: baseballer Roger Clemens and tennis chappie Lleyton Hewitt.
BOWLER John (Johnny) Footballer, baseballer, cricketer and best of all a father.
It was one to delight team manager Patrick Cacchia, the former County baseballer, and special mention goes to the young pack, who will surely be the backbone of the club for many years to come.
Gus' was 17 on his international debut and was soon doing his National Service before becoming a skilled French polisher and marrying Brenda Norris, a top-class Canton baseballer, and having two children.
Gardner junior captained Wales in 1986 and was also Welsh Baseballer of the Year.
Anita James was a very capable referee and the league also thanked Ray Hobby, Gordon Griffiths and Mark Chinnick for controlling earlier finals and the former Wales international baseballer Wayne Matthews of Classic Sports for donating the Classic Cup.
WLBU president Sylvia Goodman, a former top baseballer with the mighty Canton side, paid her respects to another outstanding season played by Karen Wheadon of Premier champions Llandaff.
HALF-CENTURY scores and higher in baseball are very hard to come by for several reasons but this season a lady baseballer has joined the small band of those who have reached this milestone.
WHITCHURCH baseballers Jo Dorey and Stephanie Gillard have won the Ladies Baseballer of the Year awards in previous seasons and they gave Caerau a taste of just how they can crack a baseball at their home of Caedelyn Park.
As it was, he won his Wales Youth rugby cap in 1979 against France, having two years earlier been voted youth baseballer of the year.
England baseballers all out for four, lowest ever score against Wales - one run from bowler Matthew Hopkins, three extras.
The perfect blend of spring, summer and event bummers, this season features rained-out baseballers, goose-bumped sunbathers and graduation guests huddled beneath 12-by-12 canopies.