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Synonyms for ballpark

a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games)

near to the scope or range of something

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Merchandise including t-shirts and hats featuring the winning design will be available for purchase at the Brewers Team Store by Majestic at Miller Park and at the Brewers Team Store at Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix.
The redesigned web site features information about all of the little league baseball programs hosted at Scott Carrigan Baseball Park.
Prior baseball fields such as Swimmers Delight Baseball Park off old Highway 58 and others are but fleeting memories, soon to be lost forever.
Dream vacation: To see a game at every major league baseball park.
Clinton Presidential Center, Lakeport Plantation, Southern Tenant Farmers Museum, Dickey-Stephens Baseball Park, the Big Dam Bridge and the state-of-the-art John Q.
We were eight years old and lived just a few blocks away from where an army of diggers was breaking ground for an awesome baseball park called Yankee Stadium
The Coliseum as we know it, with its rusty seats and Roman-ruin concrete steps, reminds fans and participants of the rich history in this old football stadium, baseball park, soccer field, running track, concert hall and political rally venue.
The increased revenue has enabled the school to expand its facilities, which now include a fitness facility, baseball park, a science center and two residence halts.
The completely reworked baseball park in Leighton was completed in the summer 2003.
My first trip to a baseball park came in 1958, when I was six.
Tom wants no change to the town, especially no change to the 100-year-old baseball park in their midst--so the game is proposed to determine the outcome.
On Saturday a baseball park full of about 5,200 people, including his eldest son, President Bush, former British Prime Minister John Major and celebrities and sports figures, wished him happy birthday.
TOLEDO May--Mudd Hens' Baseball Park, Toledo Ohio; Annual AFS Night at the Mudd Hens' Baseball Game.
The new Convention Center will be so big that if you hit a baseball from one end of it to the other, it would be a homerun at a Major League Baseball park.
21) The baseball park might then function as a source of well-regulated leisure activity for patrons, where sentiments of civic pride and team loyalty could be fostered by creating a mythic space of carefree pastoral recreation.