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a trading card with a picture of a baseball player and information about his playing record

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Since 1993, in response to the overwhelming enthusiasm of collectors and fans, The Metropolitan Museum has put on display groupings of several dozen baseball cards at a time from the Burdick collection, rotating them at six-month intervals.
Stay up-to-date and in the know as the back of the baseball card is digitally reimagined.
Last year they issued 15 baseball card releases and there are currently only three infringing releases that are in distribution in 2010.
as its exclusive trading card maker had me reminiscing about a much simpler time when collecting baseball cards was easy, fun and, especially, inexpensive.
At first glance, the new cards look like regular baseball cards.
And before he was a teen-ager, Rogers had paid taxes on the baseball cards he sold.
These days I rarely think about my old baseball cards and comic books.
The Arizona Diamondbacks host the Pittsburgh Pirates May 22 in Phoenix's beautiful Chase Field as the salute to disabled veterans continues and more informative DAV baseball cards are handed out to fans.
Andy was the very best baseball card collector in the world.
Today, Hieberger has 20,000 baseball cards in a collection that he plans to pass on to his two-year-old son, Lucas, "when he's old enough to appreciate them.
For two teams, take 18 baseball cards and give 9 cards to each team.
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Looking at baseball cards, however, allows us to examine evidence based on individual player characteristics, including 'perceived' race.
My mother still comments--with great disdain--that my brother showed better care in preserving his baseball cards.
A prominent figure in laboratory medicine is an avid collector of baseball cards.