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a cap with a bill

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Exclusives metallic black pompom baseball cap, currently reduced to PS6 from PS12.
Nasty Gal Come to a Head Corduroy Baseball Cap, PS8.
In a survey of 2,000 shoppers, 40% said women over 40 had passed the "wear-by" date for short skirts, while 25% believed 40-something men should not be seen in baseball caps and 40% said they should ditch skinny jeans.
We design and manufacture right here in Brooklyn, the first high-end baseball cap that's not overpriced.
The estimated annual quantity for the baseball caps is 144 and an order for those will likely be placed once per year.
If a man loves his baggy jeans and feels comfortable in them, he can wear them at any age, but I think that there's an age limit of 14 for baseball caps.
Another baseball cap of mine shows plenty of dirt and sweat stains because I wear it so often.
Cops in baseball caps were trusted 26 per cent less than those in helmets.
He said: "In relation to baseball caps it was clear the public perceived officers wearing the caps to appear significantly less professional, less honest, less helpful, less competent and less approachable.
Requiring all executives to wear baseball caps, the so-called "Pelosi amendment," will doubtless bring back the can-do attitude that once ruled the roost in New York's money capital.
Both had the hoods pulled over their baseball caps.
Standing by the putting green, third-grader Matt Milholland and his father Scott wore baseball caps signed all over that day by many famous faces.
Baseball caps are for everyone--not just ballplayers.
Under the programme, the airport will send boxes of baseball caps to military units stationed in Iraq.
In a well-known photo, Magee is shown posing with Boyington on the CO's F4U while trading playing cards stamped with the Rising Sun insignia for several baseball caps.