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an implement used in baseball by the batter

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A MAN has been jailed for three years after repeated threats with a baseball bat.
He denied smacking the teenager's legs with a baseball bat, saying: "Neither of us had baseball bats.
The pair got out of a Ford Connect style van and approached two security guards before attacking one of them with baseball bats.
One woman told the Echo she was hospitalised after an attack by youths armed with baseball bats, and warned the area was "like a gangland of youths against adults".
Carolina Clubs wood baseball bats rival the best and most popular wood bats on the market today," asserted Myles A.
It seems locals are stocking up on baseball bats even as law enforcement authorities take steps to control the mayhem caused by rioters over the past five days.
A police spokesman added: "He is believed to have been beaten by unknown assailants by hammers and baseball bats.
One person was struck with a baseball bat and received slight bruising.
Police said the thugs threatened staff with baseball bats and a metal bar and forced them to open the safe and hand over the takings.
One climbed on to the tailgate of the delivery van and, as the driver intervened, the other held up a baseball bat.
A spokesman said: "Three or four masked men armed with baseball bats went into the shop, threatened staff and escaped with a quantity of cash.
Baseball bats, swords, crowbars and screwdrivers are among the items stashed in the boot to stop thieves and vandals.
A MAN was confronted by thugs armed with baseball bats after chasing a driver whose passenger damaged his car.
GARDAI do not believe there was any racist motive behind a vicious attack which saw four Chinese people being beaten with baseball bats in a town last week.
The objectives of this project were to determine the effects of growth rate and drying procedures on the bending properties of white ash used in professional baseball bats.