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The authors developed the cognitive structure of this type of mapping as: Base space (Great Disasters)--Belief spaces (Population: moving towards trouble)--generated outcomes (projected and alternative futures).
Looking at the sample maps of bird migration in North America, the authors develop the theory of Mental base space (The Americas)--Belief space (Physical Americas, Bird migration in the Americas and Endless birds).
Ecological theory is explored and linked to the cognitive structure of this type of mapping, linking Base space to Picture space (images of trees) to Belief space (text) to map space (a series of maps illustrating the extent of Pin Oak trees in the USA).
The book authors consider this map to be a simple cognitive structure--just Base space (Land Cover Portrait)--it is a purely pictorial representation of land cover.
The first orbital mission of the four-stage Minotaur IV configuration will take place this summer when it launches the Air Force's Space Base Space Surveillance (SBSS) satellite.