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the interest rate set by the Bank of England for lending to other banks

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Summary: While the new base rate will make lending more transparent, the interest rates for borrowers are unlikely to change immediately and will benefit them only in the long term.
5 per cent during the last three months, reflecting the market's expectation that not only have base rates peaked but that they will start to fall early next year.
The first component provides an addition to base rates, which the Commission has reported is approximately $20 million.
Alliant Energy is requesting retail natural gas customers annual retail gas base rates be reduced by $5 million in 2015, followed by a freeze of those rates through 2016.
Many other banks have raised base rates & BPLRs by 0.
BO) has cut the base rate or minimum lending rate by 0.
50%, however, base rates have only ever risen during the same period by 0.
Meanwhile, several banks on Wednesday announced their base rates in the range of 7- 8.
Rate stability is important for our customers, and we re proud that we ve been able to keep our base rates steady since 2010.
Rate stability is important for our customers, and we're proud that we've been able to keep our base rates steady since 2010.
Private lenders Kotak Mahindra Bank and Dhanlaxmi Bank also increased their base rates by 25bps and 75bps respectively.
Lenders are mandated to publish their base rates at their branches and on their Websites.
They will be able to place their base rates at least a few basis points below the industry average-and so get higher spreads.
has filed an application with the Arkansas Public Service Commission for a $223 million increase in its non-fuel rates, otherwise known as base rates, but company officials say they expect fuel cost reductions will result in slightly lower customer bills overall.