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a large drum with two heads

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The single beat of a snare drum in the distance, then the boom, boom, boom of a giant base drum that reverberated right through your body.
He said: "It got me a pretty ramshackle kit of parts but there was a base drum, a snare, I think a hi-hat and a pair of bongos.
We are overwhelmed with the generosity of this band who have given us a base drum and six side drums," said 72-year-old Don, who has been group Scout leader for the past 25 years.
I kept pounding my foot on the pedal attached to the base drum.
As a semi-professional drummer, he found that a full size base drum was awkward and cumbersome to take to gigs.
David Guetta's music has nothing to do with clubs, it is pop music that uses a straight base drum.
The writing, "The Beatles", on the base drum looks like it has been iced on, and apart from this there is no indication of who the band is.
Julian's invention consists of a container that he designed as a base drum that holds the needed color of the correction fluid and an applicator designed as a drum stick.