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a commissary on a United States Army post


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Travis Air Force Base emergency personnel responded to reports of gun shots at the Base Exchange.
The base exchange, a sort of mini department store, sells clothing, hardware, appliances and other items.
At Edwards Air Force Base, the base exchange sells eight adult magazines, including Penthouse, Playboy, Playgirl, Gallery and Hustler, base officials said.
The solar technology is integrated into a new, 144,000-square-foot roof on the Base Exchange building that will produce 375 kilowatts of electricity Co enough energy to power about 100 homes per year Co and provide decades of free, zero-emissions energy for the base.
The project's innovative approach allowed us to make necessary improvements to our base exchange and address mandated energy savings," said John Li, Luke energy manager, referring to Executive Order 13123, which requires federal agencies to reduce energy use 35 percent from 1985 levels by 2010.