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Synonyms for decimal

a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

a number in the decimal system

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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base 10 'flats'; counters labelled 100), a group of 10, or a single unit.
Clues to the answer to this question resides in the fact that the number 9 is the highest digit in the base 10 number system; in fact, all of the above properties hold for the highest digit in any base b.
From the definition of the set D, we know that the base 10 digits of the numbers in D are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, not including 0, 5.
My object is to identify words in different bases which reduce to the same number in base 10.
A number is said to be "absolutely normal" if its digits are normal not only to base 10 but also to every integer base greater than or equal to 2.
Miura and friends observe that the 'superior performance of Asian students in abstract counting, in understanding Base 10 concepts, and in mathematics achievement is already apparent by first grade, before teaching effectiveness and other school-related factors can account for such large variations.
31,000 sf; installation of vpi wall base 10 eggplant in all appropriate areas on the first and second floor of the library.
Bari Hotchkiss bought the base 10 years ago from owners who obtained it in the 1970s after the US government deemed the Titan missile system obsolete.
An Air Force base 10 miles west of town prepared to accept as many as 5,000 refugees.
The frustrating thing is that it doesn't work in base 10 [for decimal digits]," Borwein remarks.
Tenders are invited for Adhesive Tape Roll Cloth Base 10 Cm X 5 Mt
Biologically secondary mathematical skills assume prominence later in childhood, thanks to parental instruction (such as being taught number names), experience with peers (noting that counted objects get tagged in order from left to right), or teaching at school (learning the base 10 number system, for starters).
Tenders are invited for Pwi Inspection Tool Kit Consisting Of Following Items 1 Clearance Gauge Bg 2 Clearance Gauge Mg 3 Shim Feeler Gauge 4 Stepped Feeler Gauge 1 To 15Mm 5 Tappered Gauge 6 Gap Gauge 7 Rail Thermometer With Magnetic Base 8 Rail Nose Wear Measuring Base 9 Versine Measuring Base 10 Adjustable Mirror For Checking Cracks 11 Magnifying Glass 3 12 Track Square 13 Steel Scale 300Mm 14 A Inside Caliper 150Mm B Outside Caliper 150 Mm 15 Sensitive Spirit Level 16 Steel Tape 3 Mt 17 Steel Tape 20Mt 18 Precision Straight Edge 10Cm 19 Pocket Torch 20 Aluminium Cant Board 21 Flexible Curve For Rail Profiles 22 Data Book With Pencil 23 Electronic Calculator 24 Vernier Caliper 25 Folding Gauge Cum Level Bg.