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a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)

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This swing bascule bridge, Nazrul Setu named after rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, across an inlet of River Hooghly in the dock area has been a unique landmark of Kolkata.
Julian Langston of the Cardiff Cycling Campaign said the group favoured the bascule bridge over a link on to the Cogan Spur.
The Industrial Canal Bridge, also known as the Danziger Bridge, was constructed in 1988 as a replacement for a 50-year-old, double-leaf Strauss bascule bridge in New Orleans.
We expect the increased volume and additional equipment to create production efficiencies and Greulich's name and reputation to expand our marketing reach particularly in the international and bascule bridge markets.
After nearly a year of deliberation, they voted 9-5 against the 65-foot fixed-span bridge and for a new model of the 21-foot bascule bridge that stands there now.
The facility consists of one bascule bridge and two low-level bridges as well as two causeway islands.
REGENT ROAD, L2 Replacement of the road surfacing across the bascule bridge and general maintenance under a road closure until Wednesday.
Evans arrived at the Dock Road's Bascule Bridge Code: jr270910 captain america-3 Captain America actor Chris Evans's prosthetic feet are clearly visible as he arrives on set; and, right, Samuel L Jackson Main picture: JASON ROBERTS/ jr270910captainamerica-2
4 miles of new track, two bascule bridge traverses, 18 stations, and the new Metro East Light Rail Maintenance and Operations Facility (a nearly 200,000-square-foot facility designed to maintain 100 light rail vehicles).
An existing steel truss opening bridge will be replaced with a new steel box girder bascule bridge.
Peel is still working on submitting its outline planning application for the scheme, but development director Lindsey Ashworth said they hoped to begin preparatory work on the site by the middle of the year when they propose to repair the Bascule Bridge over the Leeds-Liverpool canal link - which was earmarked for demolition - and re-open Regent Road, which has been closed for almost two years.
The State of Florida declared Southern Power's first bridge project, a bascule bridge at Indian Rocks Beach in Pinellas County, a "showcase" example of craftsmanship and technical ability.
Bad weather is always a source of photographic inspiration, as Deadcities (otherwise Paul Ashton) shows with his striking image of the bascule bridge at Stanley Dock in the fog - one of a whole series of pictures in the fog at night that he has put on to the Daily Post's Flickr group.