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a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)

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Overall, the scheme includes the design and construction of two new berths including quay walls and land reclamation, a new marina pier, the marina curve, navigation channel and new lock gates, bascule bridge and capital dredging work.
This year's Heritage on the Dock programme has expanded to include visits to the Royal Liver Buildings, left, at Liverpool Pier Head, and the Bascule Bridge, at Stanley Dock
This swing bascule bridge, Nazrul Setu named after rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, across an inlet of River Hooghly in the dock area has been a unique landmark of Kolkata.
The bascule bridge - which would open out to allow boats and yachts through - would run from Anchor Way in Penarth through to the sports village site in Ferry Road and also allow the completion of the Bay cycle ring.
John Ringling Boulevard crossed the bay on a causeway to Bird Key, then continued over a bascule bridge to St.
Jones and Barry called their design a bascule bridge, borrowing the French word for seesaw.
Six years later, when a select committee of the House of Commons was discussing the Thames bridges, Jones resurrected the bascule bridge.
The final assembly area is positioned near the bascule bridge (counterweighted drawbridge) that leads to and from the warehouse.
Ruukki's delivery includes steel structures, plus installation, for Krakeroy bascule bridge and steel piles for the bridge foundations in Fredrikstad, southern Norway.
After nearly a year of deliberation, they voted 9-5 against the 65-foot fixed-span bridge and for a new model of the 21-foot bascule bridge that stands there now.
Normally, a bascule bridge is a delicately balanced mechanism, and therefore only a small motor is required to operate it.
The facility consists of one bascule bridge and two low-level bridges as well as two causeway islands.
Hope University Creative Campus, Shaw Street Bascule Bridge Docklands bridge across the passage leading into Stanley Dock, with quaint-looking timber-clad engine room raised on steel supports.
Evans arrived at the Dock Road's Bascule Bridge Code: jr270910 captain america-3 Captain America actor Chris Evans's prosthetic feet are clearly visible as he arrives on set; and, right, Samuel L Jackson Main picture: JASON ROBERTS/ jr270910captainamerica-2