stratum germinativum

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the innermost layer of the epidermis

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In fact, the laminin has functional domains which can bind integrins of basal keratinocytes and type VII collagen, forming anchoring fibrils, essential to the resistance of the epidermis.
These techniques are particularly useful for identifying amelanotic lentigo maligna or intraepidermal melanocytes that are partially obscured by surrounding pigmented basal keratinocytes (Figure 2, A through D).
Physiological and retinoid-induced proliferations of epidermis basal keratinocytes are differently controlled.
The ReCell suspension contains basal keratinocytes, melanocytes, fibroblasts and Langerhans cells.
Mild reactive squamous atypia, particularly of basal keratinocytes, is quite common.
There is increasing evidence that HPV is not cleared when lesions regress but as in COPV (45), CRPV (46) and BPV (47) infection remains in a latent state in a few basal keratinocytes (48-50).