stratum germinativum

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the innermost layer of the epidermis

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It is important to remember that a patchy basal cell layer can be present in atrophic glands, and sometimes entire single glands are devoid of basal cells.
The basal cell layer is the lowest layer of the epidermis.
This assumption is based on findings in the rabbit primary culture system which showed that for the urothelium to achieve maximal differentiation (from an undifferentiated basal cell layer to a high resistance apical umbrella cell layer) required growth of the cells on a permeable support, careful attention to seeding densities, and manipulation of the calcium concentration of the growth medium (29).
Approximately 3% of radiation below 300nm, 20% of radiation below 360nm and 33% of short visible radiation reaches the basal cell layer in non-tanned human skin.
While studying cribriform PCa, McNeal et al (5) found that, in most cases, cribriform PCa was predominantly located within prostatic ducts and acini with cancer cells following the normal duct contour or showing a basal cell layer on morphologic examination or basal cell immunostains.
CK5 helps to define the integrity of the basal cell layer, so the pathologist can confirm the existence of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN); even if cancer is not found in the biopsy, ERG positive HGPIN gives strong support for the existence of prostate adenocarcinoma within a few millimeters of the biopsy due to a 'field affect.
The malignant glands were lined by a single layer of cuboidal cells with enlarged nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and abundant pale cytoplasm; no basal cell layer was identified.
4,8) A disrupted basal cell layer can also be seen, with fewer basal cells in individual glands.
Ki-67-positive cells in the OOC lining epithelium were mainly detected in the basal cell layer (Figure 2, c).
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