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a town in northeastern Oklahoma

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Tom Holland, police chief in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, said many emergency services staff at the tragic crime scene were in tears.
Wright did design skyscrapers (only one, Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, saw the light of day) and he did draft urban planning schemes, but his ideas satisfied no constituency.
Anita Risner, superintendent of Tri County Technology Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, sees significant benefit for limited financial investment.
Wolfe, a senior from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, has earned a 3.
Site: Chevron Phillips Chemical Technical Center and Bartlesville Community Center, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA.
of Texas at Austin) brings together five essays (punctuated by many color and b&w photos and illustrations) on the history and evolution of the Price Tower, as part of the exhibition of the same name organized by the Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
Second place was awarded to Syneva Colle of Ponca City, Oklahoma, student of Roger Price, NCTM, University of Tulsa; and third place was awarded to Jeremy Ricketson of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, also a student of Price.
For a portrait of their life, though, I'm waiting for a book with jittery rowels and bull riders with mangled front teeth, in which a cowboy passes up a seductive woman outside Bartlesville, Oklahoma, so he can make Waxahachie, Texas, in time for tomorrow's rodeo.
The baby girl - who was not breathing when she was born on June 30 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma - has been placed into foster care
10 -- The Skyscraper Museum will offer a talk on a Frank Lloyd Wright work--the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
It ended up half a continent away amid the prairies of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, about an hour outside Tulsa.
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, has awarded a GIS assessment contract to Oklahoma City-based Topographic Mapping Company to develop a strategic GIS implementation plan.
Kristen McGill, an instructor at Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, says she was pleased with the amount of "one-on-one" time she and other participants received during the course of her certification.
As a condition of approval by the FTC and the European Commission, ABB has agreed to divest Elsag Bailey's GC and MS businesses, which are located mainly in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and realize annual revenues of about $50 million.
When Paul Buck knelt down to examine fresh diggings last summer in a native tallgrass prairie near Bartlesville, Oklahoma, he couldn't believe the damage done.