Bartholomew Roberts

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a Welsh pirate credited with having taken more than 400 ships (1682-1722)


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The Welsh pirate Bartholomew Roberts, who was killed at sea in 1722, insisted on no smoking below decks, no gambling, no women and no drinking.
It seems that Welshman Bartholomew Roberts, or Black Bart as he was known, could have been the inspiration for Pirates of the Caribbeans loveable anti-hero Jack Sparrow.
Bartholomew Roberts was raised in a Welsh Baptist family.
FOR someone who in a short space of time would become the most successful, feared and best documented pirate of his generation, Bartholomew Roberts was a reluctant convert to his new trade when, in 1719, he was captured off the west coast of Africa.
What is interesting about Bartholomew Roberts is that, in almost every way, he was not ideal pirate material.
Bartholomew Roberts chanced his arm, made many mistakes and eventually ran out of luck.
Sanders is in no doubt that Bartholomew Roberts was, without comparison, the most successful pirate in the history of the Caribbean.
Intrigued (like many young boys) by pirate stories in his youth, Sanders became aware of Bartholomew Roberts and his pirate comrades while living and working in Colombia - there was hardly a port in the Caribbean or Atlantic that escaped the attention of pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries.
I saw a plaque which said the great pirate Bartholomew Roberts had been born near that spot.
It was in this way Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Barti Ddu - who some believe was the first to fly the Jolly Roger flag - embarked on his career in piracy.
Some Welsh inventions:The Jolly Roger (skull and crossbones) pirates' flag Developed by Pembrokeshire pirate Bartholomew Roberts, known as Black Barti.
A stone in the centre of the village commemorates the local lad, Bartholomew Roberts who went to sea in 1718 and ended up captain of a ship.
Bartholomew Roberts, better known as Barti Ddu, or Black Barti, may be less well known than his counterparts Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, but the Welshman is believed to have amassed more booty than either of them.