Bartholin's gland

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either of the two posterior vestibular glands that secrete a lubricating mucus

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The mass was clinically diagnosed as a Bartholin gland duct cyst and drainage was attempted, but no fluid could be aspirated.
Other glandular elements that are present in the vulva include the Skene glands (paraurethral glands), the Bartholin glands (mucus producing vestibular glands), and minor vestibular glands.
We present a case of Kaposi sarcoma that presented as a single vulvar lesion previously diagnosed as a Bartholin gland abscess.
Physicians will now have access to Cook Medical's Word catheter, a silicone balloon catheter used to treat cysts of the Bartholin gland, company officials announced today.
Merkel cell carcinoma arising in the vagina and vulva are believed to originate from the external squamous mucosa, Bartholin gland duct, or minor vestibular glands.
This group consisted of 64 patients (51%) with vulvar abscesses, 41 patients (33%) with Bartholin gland abscesses, 19 patients (15%) with buttock abscesses, and 2 patients (2%) with combined buttock and vulvar abscesses.