Bartholin's gland

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either of the two posterior vestibular glands that secrete a lubricating mucus

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Cytogenetic analysis of an adenoid cystic carcinoma of the Bartholin's gland.
Data suggest that the incidence of Bartholin's gland carcinomas is five times greater in postmenopausal than in premenopausal women (Obstet.
The possibility of a primary Bartholin's gland tumor was excluded by the fact that the lesion was located away from the normal Bartholin's gland area of distribution (labium majus) and also the fact that normal Bartholin's glands were not recognized in the vicinity of the tumor.
Primary neuroendocrine carcinoma (Merkel's cell carcinoma) of the vulva mimicking a Bartholin's gland abscess.
THERE are a pair of oval, pea-sized glands whose ducts open into the vulva and these are called Bartholin's glands.
Up to 97% of patients with vulvar vestibulitis can become totally pain free after surgical excision of the Bartholin's glands, said Dr.