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Danish physician who discovered Bartholin's gland (1585-1629)

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This group consisted of 64 patients (51%) with vulvar abscesses, 41 patients (33%) with Bartholin gland abscesses, 19 patients (15%) with buttock abscesses, and 2 patients (2%) with combined buttock and vulvar abscesses.
Merkel cell carcinoma arising in the vagina and vulva are believed to originate from the external squamous mucosa, Bartholin gland duct, or minor vestibular glands.
External genital leiomyomas arising within Bartholin glands are rare and usually mimic a Bartholin gland cyst.
Other glandular elements that are present in the vulva include the Skene glands (paraurethral glands), the Bartholin glands (mucus producing vestibular glands), and minor vestibular glands.
Efferent inervasyon: Alt uriner ve genital sistemin (erkekte penis, testis, epididim, vaz deferens, seminal keseler ve prostat; kadinda klitoris, vajen, Skene ve Bartholin bezleri) otonomik ve somatik innervasyonu ortaktir.
Interstitial hernias were first described in 1661 by the Danish physician Thomas Bartholin (1), but it was not until 1797 that Jean Petit first defined this hernia anatomically.
Ancak ilk defa 1670 yilinda Thomas Bartholin tarafindan tanimlanmistir (1,6).
Bourgois J, Bartholin MC, Guyonnet R (1989) Thermal treatment of wood: analysis of the obtained product.
Bartholin called on his Australian artist friends, including leading furniture designer Fred Ward and gave them a gouache cartoon he quickly made of the backdrop, and they painted it overnight
According to Polson, (1) the first case reported in the literature was published by Bartholin in 1654.
However, we present a case of Kaposi sarcoma mimicking the benign and common Bartholin gland abscess.