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Danish physician who discovered Bartholin's gland (1585-1629)

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Perhaps the most celebrated lecturer associated with the university's heyday of anatomical research, the Danish physician and theologian, Thomas Bartholin (1616-1680), is primarily renowned for his discovery of the lymphatic system and for his detailed description of the thoracic duct.
Nodular Hyperplasia of the Bartholin Gland: A Clinicopathological Study of Two Cases, Including Detection of Clonality by HUMARA.
Erasmus Bartholin en un protocolo de autopsia (Mondragon-Sanchez et al.
With the exception of location, the imaging characteristics for Skene cysts and abscess are similar to those described for the Bartholin glands.
The first report of rhinoliths dates back to 1654, when, according to Poison (6), Bartholin described a rhinolith forming over a cherry-stone nidus.
Caspar Bartholin the Younger (1655-1738), was a Danish physician-anatomist who first described in 1677, the "Bartholin's gland.
Experiments of this type have been going on since 1999, originally initiated by Professor Karsten Buschard from the Bartholin Institute at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, another co-writer on the study.
Efferent inervasyon: Alt uriner ve genital sistemin (erkekte penis, testis, epididim, vaz deferens, seminal keseler ve prostat; kadinda klitoris, vajen, Skene ve Bartholin bezleri) otonomik ve somatik innervasyonu ortaktir.
The first case of gallstone ileus was reported by Bartholin (cited by Lassandro et al.
However, although the unicorn connection with the narwhal was disputed by Liebniz, the early works of Gaspar Bartholin, another prominent Danish physician and naturalist from the 17th century also tied the wonder of the unicorn with a nondescript aquatic species found in the oceanic North (Ariew).
Thomas Bartholin (National Museum, Copenhagen University), a renowned dendrologist with documented capability to diagnose spruce wood (e.
Gray gave his source for both poems as the translations by Danish antiquary Thomas Bartholin in Antiquitatum Danicarum de causis contempts a Danis adhuc gentilibus mortis (1689; Danish Antiquities on the Pagan Danes' Disdain of Death).
Interstitial hernias were first described in 1661 by the Danish physician Thomas Bartholin (1), but it was not until 1797 that Jean Petit first defined this hernia anatomically.
Ancak ilk defa 1670 yilinda Thomas Bartholin tarafindan tanimlanmistir (1,6).
A case report and literature review regarding giant Bartholin gland cyst