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United States author of sometimes surrealistic stories (1931-1989)

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Este es el caso de "The Indian Uprising", tambien en la misma coleccion de relatos de Barthelme, que tiene como marco narrativo una escena belica con barricadas erigidas para controlar la insurreccion de un misterioso grupo de indios.
that began with the diarrheic flow of words that is Ulysses, continued on through the incomprehensible ramblings of late Faulkner and the sterile inventions of late Nabokov (two writers who more or less sold out their own early brilliance), and then burst into full, foul life in the ridiculous dithering of John Barth and John Hawkes and William Gaddis, the reductive cardboard constructions of Donald Barthelme, the word-by-word wasting of a talent as formidable as Thomas Pynchon's, and finally broke apart like a cracked sidewalk beneath the weight of the stupid--just plain stupid--tomes of Don DeLillo.
Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and William Faulkner (Chapter 5), John Steinbeck (Chapter 6), and Bernard Malamud, Ken Kesey, Walker Percy, William Styron, Jerzy Kosinski, Bobby Ann Mason, Thomas Berger, Donald Barthelme, and John Updike (Chapter 7).
The title of Brief Interviews With Hideous Men implies that Wallace is continuing a rebellious realism, but much of this collection works off the B-list, the brief works of Borges and Beckett, Barth and Barthelme.
There are even touches of Donald Barthelme and Gilbert Sorrentino here, such as making litanies of objects from popular culture and having great fun in concocting long strings of preposterous names for rock groups and songs - not that such practices mollify the author's anger.
For a good many of his critics Donald Barthelme represents American postmodernism at its formally self-conscious and experimental best.
Growing out of the experimental fictions of <IR> DONALD BARTHELME </IR> , whose most influential works include Come Back, Dr.
Like the late Donald Barthelme, he'll often make you laugh, then cry, then cringe, and sometimes all at once.
Tracy Daugherty comes to his subject as a former student of Donald Barthelme's and fellow practitioner of fiction, but he has also done a good deal of research, using various archives, interviews, and study of the materials--artistic, philosophical, literary, historical, architectural-that influenced Barthelme and are, as Daugherty shows, visible in his work.
This contrast is helpful, and one need only think of Donald Barthelme or David Foster Wallace to recognize that Boyle is in fact representative of a powerful strain of American fiction written in the last few decades.
Descendiente por partes iguales de Lawrence 2 Barthelme, Plascencia (novisimo en el panorama de las letras chicanas) cuenta la historia personal, mitica y delirante de El Monte: una suerte de negativo bilarante y terrible de East L.
Relentlessly, Gass has reviewed the books of and, concomitantly, promoted the works of such writers as John Barth, Robert Coover, and Donald Barthelme, all of whom interrogate the means by which they create fiction.