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United States author of sometimes surrealistic stories (1931-1989)

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Thus, after comparing Sorrentino to writers like Robert Coover, John Barth, Donald Barthelme, etc.
Daugherty, the author of eight books of fiction as well as Hiding Man, a biography of the writer Donald Barthelme, combines a novelist's flair for character and narrative with astute critical analysis of Heller's work.
For postmodernists of a later generation, such as William Burroughs, Donald Barthelme, and John Barth, myth became an empty form, like the rules of a game or a computer program, to be filled with whatever whimsy dictated, or to be left open as a window on nothingness.
In the summer of 1994 Barthelme traveled through New Mexico and Arizona, composing on a tape recorder and editing from transcriptions.
No recent book about a contemporary writer has been more necessary, or welcome, than Tracy Daugherty's Hiding Man, the first comprehensive biography of the late Houstonian Donald Barthelme.
But while the postmodernist wave of such writers as Pynchon, Barth, and Donald Barthelme received wide media attention, Hawkes, who helped usher in this movement, wrote comparatively little fiction during this period.
he queries in a poem dedicated to Donald Barthelme, and the answer seems to be, Yes, for Howard as for Barthelme: life is real only when it is vicarious.
Thus, in terms of revisionism Hawthorne and Melville and Cooper are far more vulnerable than, say, Carver or Barthelme or Beattie.
Even at an early age he had an "attitude" about things, particularly me, and this attitude only got worse as he got older, went off to college and started reading people like Thomas Aquinas, and then decided to become a novelist, if you can call what he writes novels (I personally prefer stories that go somewhere, ones that introduce you to the characters and their environment, such as those by Frederick Barthelme and Bobbie Ann Mason, where you feel as though you really know the characters and that their lives reflect the culture and society in which we live).
Lance Olsen, "Linguistic Pratfalls in Barthelme," South Atlantic Review 51.
There are even touches of Donald Barthelme and Gilbert Sorrentino here, such as making litanies of objects from popular culture and having great fun in concocting long strings of preposterous names for rock groups and songs - not that such practices mollify the author's anger.
By the end, the lightness or lack of overall substance, as if we're walking away with nothing, makes the book a little disappointing" STEVEN BARTHELME
His first book, Motorman, from 1972, could be situated within the vein of Barthelme et al.
The book was met with universal praise: "If Donald Barthelme had lived to read Diaz, he surely would have been delighted to discover an intellectual and linguistic omnivore who could have taught even him a move or two" (Newsweek).
to me and mine back to her is filled with as much malice and hatred as anything you will ever read in a Frederick Barthelme or Raymond Carver story about the depraved idiots they show watching "The Dating Game" on their shoddy TVs on Christmas morning.