Karl Barth

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Swiss Protestant theologian (1886-1968)


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Finally, the third part extends the historical review into the 20th century, covering the works of Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, Jurgen Moltmann, and Wolfhart Pannenberg.
Morimoto's argument benefits from a detailed analysis of the salvation theories of Thomas Aquinas, Peter Lombard, and Robert Bellarmine, as well as Luther, Calvin, Francis Turretin, and Peter van Mastricht, before a jump to such twentieth-century figures as Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, and Hans Kung.
Chapter 10 presents five representatives of modern trinitarian theology and their critiques of Augustine, namely, Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, Hans Urs van Balthasar, Jurgen Moltmann, and Wolfhart Pannenberg.
compares with Barth, Karl Rahner is made into a villain because of his emphasis on the analogy of being.