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Synonyms for barter


Synonyms for barter

an equal exchange

exchange goods without involving money

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This is a standard result in international trade literature within a barter economy context.
Again the results regarding market access are similar to those in a barter economy (see Ju and Krishna 2000).
We apply this body of theory to money-using economies such as our own because we believe that for many problems the fact that money is used in attaining equilibrium can be abstracted from, or that the theoretical barter economy is a tractable, idealized model which approximates well (is well-approximated by) the actual monetary economy.
However, in Li [1998] I show in a pure barter economy that, compared to the equilibria with trustworthy middlemen, equilibria with dishonest middlemen exists when the private information problem is more severe.
The downside for him is that from next month he will have no cash and he will need to assess how to cope with the new barter economy.
2] = 0, as it is the case in any barter economy, then [Gamma] = 0, resulting in the familiar condition MDRS = p.
Consider first the special case of a barter economy where [[Phi].
Our version is specifically designed to demonstrate the limitations and inefficiencies of the traditional barter economy and to emphasize the role of money as a medium of exchange, unit of account, and store of value.
As CFO, Ray will oversee the expansion of the BarterTrust Network, assist in the development of regulations governing the barter economy, and promote those currencies that are used within the BarterTrust Network which today include the BarterTrust Dollar (BT$) in the United States, the BarterTrust Canadian Dollar in Canada and the BarterTrust Mexican Peso in Mexico.
The ability to cross-border trade for the first time in the history of the barter industry is true evidence of a global barter economy.
Christensen, president and CEO of the Company, stated, "Sacramento is one of the most prominent centers of trade commerce in the global barter economy.
We looked at it, but BXI has much stronger currency and significantly more clients and a much better reputation in the barter economy than ITEX," said BXI President Saul N.