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From my books on Welsh Pirates, Henry Morgan and Black Bart Roberts, I learned a lot about the sea.
But the last of the great pirates was Black Bart Roberts who took 400 ships in the space of three years at a price today of somewhere between pounds 60m and pounds 100m.
Some historians claim that in the 1700s about half of the pirates were of Welsh descent, while this may be a slight exaggeration Breverton discovered that the most successful buccaneer of all time Henry Morgan and the most successful pirate Black Bart Roberts were both Welsh.
After all, the world's most successful pirate, Black Bart Roberts, was from Pembrokeshire, the world's most cunning pirate, Hywel Davies, is Welsh, and so was the world's most famous buccaneer, Captain Harry Morgan, after who the rum is named.
Wales provided the greatest buccaneer in Henry Morgan and the greatest pirate in Black Bart Roberts.
Build a memorial for Bart Roberts, so people will remember his name.
He betrayed Bart Roberts, hoping to get his hands on the money.
Author of Black Bart Roberts - The Greatest Pirate of Them All
Black Bart Roberts, the Greatest Pirate of Them All, is published by Glyndwr Publishing pounds 8.
Author Terry Breverton, whose latest book reveals all about Welsh pirates, pictured at home in St Athan; Picture: Roger Donovan BLACK BART ROBERTS