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a member of the British order of honor

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Six lengths back in fifth at the top of the stretch, John Henry responded to a Shoemaker hand ride and caught The Bart at the wire.
Naming principals is no longer a priority for the directors of the Paris Opera Ballet," Bart said.
She rolled a ball to Bart, but Bart didn't want to play.
We're very excited about the agreement with MFS Network Technologies and the fiber-optic advancements it will bring," said BART Board President Margaret K.
Marc Datelle, president of Cypress Care, said: "I'm proud to welcome David George and Bart Hester to the company both as investors and as important additions to our growing management team.
Box: (1) When it comes to Bart, the writing's on the board (See Text)
This agreement -- hammered out by MTC -- was ratified by the BART Board of Directors, today, June 9, and by the AC Transit Board on Wednesday night, June 8.
From Friday, September 1st to Thursday, September 14th, 101 BART "Golden Ticket" ticketbacks will be randomly distributed system-wide to BART commuters, giving lucky commuters a chance to win instant prizes.
It was nervy of Bart to try to include his sister-in-law and her husband when you barely know his wife.
They will now range from $24, for $15 worth of BART trips plus unlimited rides on the other BART Plus operators for a half month, to $57 for $50 worth of BART with unlimited local bus rides for a half month.
FSN Bay Area and BART will produce basketball card themed-BART tickets for the remainder of the 2005-2006 NBA season, highlighting select players from the Golden State Warriors and featuring the network's Warriors telecast schedule printed on the tickets.
BART has an average of 320,000 daily San Francisco Bay Area riders and carries almost two million unique passengers annually.