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Synonyms for tumulus

(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

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It does include some barrow burial sites of controversial dating or sites whose other characteristics are dubious.
Among mutual interactions between the 'Slavonic' and 'German' barrow enclaves there is, for example, Scandinavian influence upon the barrow burial rite along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea (Zoll-Adamikowa 1980).
On the Continent in the early phase (550-675; including Bohner's Stufe V, which has been used in most publications) barrow burials were restricted to the Rhine basin and to northern Switzerland.
The notion of Medieval barrow burials as 'special' or high-status rites has been expressed before by many, including Ament (1975), Arnold (1980: 135), Moosbrugger-Leu & Keller (1979: 62), Muller-Wille (1982) and Shephard (1979).
Most discussion still starts from the concept of a definable, separate, group of rich barrow burials.