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Synonyms for barrister

Synonyms for barrister

a person who practices law

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a British or Canadian lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution

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KCH Garden Square's barristers regularly appear at both the Crown Court and Magistrates Court.
Hours will typically be standard oce hours, however, you may be required to work longer hours if a barrister is working on a complex case against a pressing deadline.
Barristers Title & Closing Services is pleased to announce the addition of Darleen Dumont as Marketing & Closing Specialist.
But John Elvidge QC, leader of the North Eastern Circuit, accused ministers of drawing up "cynical policies" which "consistently misled the public about the true level of turnover for self employed barristers practising criminal law".
That means people charged with criminal offences over the festive season will, for the first time, have direct access to a panel of experienced, expert criminal law barristers.
A justice Ministry insider said: "No one is tackling the big legal aid trough where barristers are making millions.
A BARRISTER has been banned for life after he "conned" a Teesside client and acted for him in a dispute when he had not finished his legal training.
Barristers will have greater choice in how they manage their practices.
Barristers give specialist legal advice to solicitors and other professional clients, and represent individual clients and organisations in court or at tribunals.
Instead, the Barristers (3-2, 0-2) saw Eagle Rock players break two school records and tie another in a 35-7 Northern League victory Friday afternoon.
He headed a list of 12 barristers who were paid a total of pounds 8,934,000 by the Criminal Defence Service in the year.
Barristers are threatening to cripple our courts if the Government goes ahead with a plan to slash their fees.
CRIME suspects could go undefended and unprosecuted from next month as barristers prepare to protest against pay cuts.
May challenges the Whigish notion that increasingly "rights-oriented" barristers exerted pressure to obtain a larger place in the felony hearings, finding that, in fact, the overwhelming majority of the London bar opposed the expansion of its role that came with the 1836 Prisoners' Counsel Act.