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Synonyms for barrister

Synonyms for barrister

a person who practices law

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a British or Canadian lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution

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To ensure that they have work, then, barristers may double-book.
The amount of time that barristers spend in court depends on the type of law they specialise in.
Eagles wide receiver Josh Jovanelly had his way against the Barristers with five receptions for 95 yards and two touchdowns.
Many of the 600 barristers who practise across the Midlands will refuse to take on any new criminal work when new pay structures are introduced on October 5.
Very few Old Bailey barristers managed to make a name for themselves at the Common Law Courts in Westminster Hall, and a small number were eventually promoted to the Bench at Old Bailey, though May finds that these individuals did little to enhance the reputation of the London bar.
But altogether another thing is the attempt by female barristers to be briefed preferentially, by reference to their sex, and not by their abilities.
LHC Chief Justice urged the female barristers to visit district courts and meet female judges to know the ground realities.
James said: "I am really looking forward to this new challenge, working with ambitious barristers and staff to create an exceptional new office in Birmingham.
Your daily work would include general oce admin - photocopying, ling, dealing with letters and emails - as well as collecting fees; organising the law library; managing the barristers' diaries and making sure all case information is up to date; dealing with invoices; handling petty cash; liaising between solicitors, barristers and clients; preparing papers and taking documents and robes to and from court.
Barristers from across the region staged a half-day walk-out yesterday for the first time in history over Government plans to save PS220m a year from the legal aid budget by 2018-19.
The Bar Council has approved an application by EC UK that will enable all Chartered Engineers to instruct barristers directly for advice on matters falling within their engineering discipline.
His stark warning came as barristers staged a protest against the cuts and prepared to take industrial action next month.
but hardly any will be taken from the legal aid budget that pays for barristers such as Oliver who defend people in longrunning murder and terrorism trials.