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any regulation or policy that restricts international trade

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officials expect to focus on continuing efforts to eliminate barriers to trade and "export restraints" established by the Chinese government while encouraging market reforms in China.
We need to remove barriers to trade that hamper economic growth whilst at the same time facilitate trade at borders, which needs both domestic reform and international cooperation, and the world is looking forward to [moving] ahead in the implementation of the new Trade Facilitation Agreement in WTO [World Trade Organisation]," the minister said.
With current World Trade Organization jurisprudence involving the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreements developing rapidly, this volume presents 16 chapters analyzing doctrinal, conceptual, and policy issues associated with TBT in World Trade Organization law.
The EU says the deal will focus on bringing down remaining tariffs and other barriers to trade, and standardise technical regulations and certifications, it added.
Mr Cridland added President Obama and the EU''s political leaders need to work to eliminate barriers to trade, which he said one study showed could save as much as PS100bn a year for business.
Less known is the fact that many barriers to trade in developing countries are domestic, and to a large extent a direct result of poor infrastructure and poor or adverse regulations.
RIYADH: Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) is organizing a workshop on technical barriers to trade (TBT) in collaboration with the US Department of Commerce and National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) at SASO premises from May 5.
Amman, Muharram 30, 1433, Dec 25, 2011, SPA -- Jordan Chamber of Commerce Deputy Chairman Issa Murad and President of Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Ahmad Zaghayar discussed mechanisms of promoting ties between Jordan and Palestine and means to remove barriers to trade.
I call upon you as the continents technical quality infrastructure experts to strengthen ARSO with the view to remove all tariff' and non-tariff barriers to trade among African countries in order to bring to fruition the dreams of the founders of the African Union of a prosperous and integrated Africa.
The UKTI strategy sets out how we will work with SMEs in Wales to identify and overcome barriers to trade.
The Doha round was launched in late 2001 with the goal of helping poor countries prosper by removing barriers to trade.
AaAaAa During a workshop, organized by Morocco's Ministry of Foreign Trade in collaboration with the technical unit of the Agadir Agreement on "The Technical Barriers to Trade," Farid Tounsi said that among the achievements of the Agreement, which entered into force in 2007, is an agreement on the mutual recognition of certificates of conformity, signed last December.
ISLAMABAD, November 11, 2009 (Balochistan Times ): Removing barriers to trade and investment will help advance integration efforts in South Asia and deliver sweeping benefits to the region, a new Asian Development Bank (ADB) study shows.
But a new Commission-published US Barriers to Trade and Investment Report for 2008 stressed "trade barriers and differences that hinder trade and investment.
The study also states that the "lack of an integrated transport infrastructure, burdensome customs procedures, non-tariff barriers to trade and lack of product diversification" are the main barriers to regional trade.