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The proportion of barrier contraceptive users who reported not always using their method ranged from 8% to 14%.
Los ANGELES -- Women who have lived with their sexual partners for only a few months and used barrier contraceptives may want to use some other form of birth control for a while before trying to get pregnant, to decrease their risk of preeclampsia, Dr.
Barrier contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases in women: a comparison of female-dependent methods and condoms, American Journal of Public Health, 1992, 82(5):669-674.
10) In a standardized postcoital test for barrier contraceptive evaluation, which analyzes the presence and activity of sperm in the cervical mucus after sexual intercourse, BufferGel also demonstrated effectiveness as a spermicide.
The exact positioning of NuvaRing(R) within the vagina is not critical for the product to work because NuvaRing(R) is not a barrier contraceptive and therefore cannot be incorrectly inserted.
is a Michigan based healthcare products distributor specializing in barrier contraceptive design.
Unique in its design, the Today(R) Sponge was the first successful product to incorporate a spermicide into a barrier contraceptive.
The Female Health Company markets and distributes Realityo, a female barrier contraceptive product also known as the "female condom.
The disposable barrier contraceptive is a soft sheath that is open on one end and closed at the other.
WASHINGTON, April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Food and Drug Administration today announced it is prepared to approve -- with restrictive labeling -- the Reality Female Condom, the first barrier contraceptive for women that also offers limited protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
The NWHN's female condom advocacy was critical, Pearson explained, in "prodding FDA to require clinical trials in the first place, educating FDA about the usefulness of a barrier device with less than perfect effectiveness and coming to consensus with the contraceptive development community about a new FDA guidance for clinical trials of barrier contraceptives.
Using barrier contraceptives and other less effective methods is associated with an increased likelihood that women will experience at least a monthlong gap in protection during a year.
Pope Benedict asked senior Catholic figures to examine the use of barrier contraceptives after his election last year.
Some cases of non-menstrual toxic shock syndrome have been reported in women using barrier contraceptives, including Today Sponge, the diaphragm, and the cervical cap.