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Barrie was made a baronet by George V in June 1913, and a member of the Order of Merit in the 1922 New Year Honours.
After both parents later died Barrie became the guardian of their five sons and paid for their upbringing and education, always insisting that they were the inspiration for the 'Lost Boys' in the book.
I cannot describe how inspirational Barrie McMahon has been, or how much of an honour it was to know him.
Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation, was joined by Ann Hoggarth, MPP for Barrie, to announce major new upgrades coming to the Barrie Line to accommodate more frequent trains.
Machine operator Barrie, from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, said the surgery in 2014 saved his life.
The first half of the book is largely about the author, and in the latter half, when Michael reaches his boarding school and university years, Barrie still dominates much of the narrative.
Yesterday, Barrie, from Selly Oak, stressed: "I'm no HG Wells, but what comes around, goes around.
David Barrie, 34, got a community sentence in October 2014 despite breaching strict conditions imposed on him in the wake of two previous sexual offences.
Childminders Michelle and Barrie Fender say they are planning to use some of the money to help treat Barrie, who suffers with sarcoidosis, a rare auto immune disease.
The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has appointed Valerie Barrie as the new director of sales & marketing.
The woman was heading into Newcastle on a night out with a friend in February last year when Alan Barrie targeted her.
I wonder if a throwaway remark by Barrie Drewitt-Barlow will come back to haunt him?
This sequel begins with seventeen-year-old Barrie still reeling from her godfather's death and the dramatic events that occurred at the end of Compulsion (Simon Pulse, 2014/ VOYA December 2014).
In the new role, Barrie replaces David Unger, who served as chairman of the board since 1989 and will continue to serve as a director.
Survived by wife Wilma (nee Gale), daughter Donna Mayes (Shane), grandson Chris of Barrie and son Howard of Bowmanville.