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a pin for holding women's hair in place

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Two very common examples are pony tail bands and barrettes, which are extensively used by girls and women alike.
The headbands are offered in silver, tortoise and black, while both barrette and claw clips are offered in black and metallic brown.
WESTMINSTER - The last time Bernadette Barrette spoke to her son, Marine Corps Staff Sgt.
8-foot) thick concrete slab distributes the building's weight evenly to the barrettes.
For side wisps you can use either bobby pins, barrettes, or hair side combs to hold them down.
Diva Doggie[TM] Barrettes are a must have item for any DIVA this Valentine's Day
Contract notice: Purchase, commissioning, installation and maintenance of a ct scanner 16 barrettes.
Art Deco is a style that appreciates ornate details, which are easily seen in the varied barrettes available in JewelsBerry's online store.
Another sees her preparing for the photo shoot by enjoying a large glass of rose in the dressing room with the caption: "Perfect box of Chanel barrettes and glass of rose
The line includes such products as elastics, bobby slides, claw clips, contour clips, barrettes and head-wraps.
But there's also a trend to diamond barrettes and hairpins, inspired by the many Hollywood stars who wore them to the Oscars, says Collene Kennedy of the David's Bridal chain.
Girls can add finishing touches with holiday-hued stockings in red, winter white, or black, and top off their look with headbands, hats, purses, and barrettes.
metre diaphragm wall, up to 54 m deep, as well as 27 foundation barrettes along one of the city%s busiest roads.
The generous donation consists of Goody hair styling tools and accessories, including barrettes, headbands; the first and only self-sticking barrette for girls, Goody Softies (TM); and the revolutionary Goody QUIKSTYLE (TM) brush, which removes 30 percent of water to dry hair faster, helping to speed up styling time.