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preventing entry or exit or a course of action

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marked with stripes or bands

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Barrer graduated from the Drexel University Hahnemann Medical College; interned at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics; performed his residency in neurosurgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and is a published author and speaker.
At the bottom of bottom ash silo there are two vibro dosers for emptying over which are placed barrer fasteners.
La primera se transmite o traves de la narracion oral por "lo que cuentan los que se fueron" del pais y regresan a convencer o sus paisanos de "ir a barrer el dinero", argumentando que "en Estados Unidos la tienes Segura", y la segunda expectativa o creencia se forma por la motivacion de mejorar economicamente para hacerse de un capital, sostener a la familia y pagar sus deudas.
Stephen Barrer (R-Delaware) presented Gary Smith, President and CEO of the Chester County Economic Development Council, with a $30,000 research grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.
The series traces the ancestry of celebrities, discovering, for instance, that Barbara Windsor's forebears weren't all barrer boys and Cockney sparrers.
Bangor is developing its new pounds 14m Management Development Centre, a project led by Professor Peter Barrer, director of management and executive education.
Signing undisputed world middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins and Mexican great Marco Antonio Barrer a shows he means business.
Tony Lindsay's third novel, Chasin' It, sold to Carl Weber of Urban Books in a two-book deal by Audra Barrett of Barrer Books.
Action Words to look mirarse [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to count contar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to give dar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to take tomar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to pull tirar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to kiss besarse [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to run correr [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to laugh reir [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to walk caminar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to cry llorar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to talk hablar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to crawl gatear [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to drink beber [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to eat comer [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to read leer [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to carry llevar [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to pick up recoger [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to sleep dormir [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] to sweep barrer [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
The Barrer and Petropoulos model was altered within the square to rectangular platelet and produced an average diffusivity coefficient to input into Fick's Second Law.
I still don't believe we have gotten what we deserve," says Andrew Barrer, a gay philanthropist and activist who was a senior adviser in the White House AIDS Policy Office early in the Clinton administration.
Other major components of the USACE's HSDRRS include the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) Seabrook Sector Gate Complex, a 95-foot-wide navigable sector gate and two 50-foot vertical lift gates used for flow control; the IHNC Lake Borgne Surge Barrer, a 1.
Les senateurs ont vote par 58 voix contre 42 lors d'un vote de procedure dans la Chambre haute du Congres, alors que 60 voix etaient necessaires pour que survive la [beaucoup moins que] resolution de desapprobation [beaucoup plus grand que] proposee par les republicains qui avaient jusqu'au 17 septembre pour lui barrer la route en obtenant la majorite requise des deux tiers.
beaucoup moins que]Aujourd'hui, je m'adresse a la conscience de tous les Oujdis, pour participer massivement au scrutin du 4 septembre et ce pour barrer la route aux corrompus et mettre fin a la depravation[beaucoup plus grand que], note notre interlocuteur, avant de souligner que [beaucoup moins que]le moment est venu pour rompre avec les anciennes pratiques et entamer un vrai changement[beaucoup plus grand que].