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a musical instrument that makes music by rotation of a cylinder studded with pegs

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distant street a barrel-organ begin to play, and it seemed to him that
the people of the barrel-organ could keep their old-world
barrel-organ seemed to give the marching tune with the energy
it would be better if solitude listened to the barrel-organ swollen by sighs
ANSWERS: 1 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; 2 The Pacific Ocean; 3 A street musician using a barrel-organ type of instrument; 4 Slicing soil in front of the ploughshare; 5 The Foundations; 6 Spying; 7 If Not For You; 8 Elderly ladies, especially grandmothers; 9 Kashmir; 10 Edward Scissorhands.
I almost spilled my Ribena waiting for the first instalment, just after Pingu helped the barrel-organ man, Postman Pat ran into a hole-in-the-road crisis and bossy-boots Bella decided it was "messy time" on the Tweenies.
For Orange he blends jazz and minimalism with the help of vocalist Elise Caron, accordionist Jean Louis Matinier and Pierre Charial on barrel-organ.
The bass clarinet can sound like a barrel-organ or an accordion, the wordless vocals take on a clarinet or saxophone sound.
Mince pies, mugs of steaming coffee and music from a barrel-organ were waiting for passengers making use of a new rail link between Northumberland and the MetroCentre.
In the narrator's conversations and in his memories of the past, there is created a personal requiem for the old Lisbon, Tabucchi's Lisbon, not the traditional, solemn celebration of the mass for the dead, with its organ music and cathedrals, but the street music of mouth-organs and barrel-organs.