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the simplest form of vault

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From barrel vaults to a thin strip of colour, from bass line to the last trill of notes in a melody.
The scope of the journal encompasses structures such as single-, double- and multi-layer grids, barrel vaults, domes, towers, folded plates, radar dishes, tensegrity structures, stressed skin assemblies, foldable structures, pneumatic systems and cable arrangements.
Three barrel vaults define a center hall, an open vanity and soaking tub area, and a private shower and toilet room.
The Specialty Structures Division includes the former Triodetic Group with over 40 years of experience, is a design/build manufacturer of steel, aluminum and stainless steel specialty structures such as commercial domes, free form structures, barrel vaults, space frames and industrial dome coverings, and the newly formed Arnprior Fire Trucks Corp.
The unique baroque ceiling structure between caves and wearing an ornate marble hall with ornate marble incrustations floor and suspended ceiling with a varied Grottierung and a large ceiling fresco in the nave and barrel vaults painted in the two aisles.
Other variations on traditional tombstones included box tombs, body stones from medieval times, tomb tables from the American Colonial era and barrel vaults.
The latter can be used to create sloping facades and glazed roofs as well as barrel vaults, pyramids and lantern lights.
Sections of two-piece galvanized steel silos --found at a farm supply yard--lie horizontally to form the high-tech barrel vaults spanning the central staircase, which serves as the focal point of the house.