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Synonyms for Baroque

Synonyms for Baroque

elaborately and heavily ornamented

Synonyms for Baroque

the historic period from about 1600 until 1750 when the baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in Europe

elaborate and extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century


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having elaborate symmetrical ornamentation

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Scope of quantity or scope: The new organ to be built in the Baroque style in the east gallery with two manuals and pedal.
He was one of the few British architects, post-Wren, who understood the Italian Baroque style through first-hand experience.
Macedonia wanted to present itself as global civilization of the 21st century and as country that applies the modern elements of architecture, but these two facilities in quasi baroque style are primitive and humiliate the country putting it on the tail of global civilization, criticizes Konstantinovski
Very' fittingly, Heller concludes her volume with a chapter about the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, describing Bach's oeuvre as essentially the apotheosis of the baroque style, which contrasts substantially with the more "easy-listening" galant style of the eighteenth century'.
The Gordon Elliott-trained Baroque Style finally ended a number of frustrating placed efforts as he successfully stepped back to two miles in a handicap hurdle at Navan on Sunday.
It's short and in the Italian Baroque style, jaunty and melodic, and beautifully executed by the players.
Another A-level student, Zoe " Ballantine, has based her col" Ballantine, has based her collection around 18th century lection around 18th century France: She said: "When I France: She said: "When I watched Marie Antoinette, I watched Marie Antoinette, I was inspired by the style of was inspired by the style of clothes and I combined this clothes and I combined this with my love of Balmain's 2012 with my love of Balmain's 2012 collection, Dolce and Gabbana collection, Dolce and Gabbana and the Baroque style of the and the Baroque style of the French Palace of Versailles.
Decorated in Baroque style, it is located on the upper lobby level and overlooks the Versailles-style reception area.
Yet their uncompromising style stands in sharp contrast to the florid Baroque style of Messerschmidt's earlier sculptures for the court of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria" (getty.
Baroque Furniture (so-called after the manufacturer) came to signal success, Baroque style.
Rembrandt being his inspiA[degrees] ration, Binosh's works also feature much play with light and shadow, using deep, dark tones intrinsic to the Baroque style of painting.
His work entails a lot of travel in the small villages of the beautiful south Bohemian countryside, where some houses are built in the local, rustic baroque style.
And the baroque style takes luxury to the extreme in a France tour.
The hotel's newly refurbished King's floor was also re-structured in traditional Baroque style architecture.