Baroque period

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the historic period from about 1600 until 1750 when the baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in Europe

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Chakar's interest in the Baroque period stems from the parallels he is able to draw between Europe several centuries ago and Lebanon today.
The baroque period just happened to coincide with the great violin-making period [1700-50].
While they are not full-blown realizations of the tragedia patetica, clearly, but exactly "involvements" and experiments with this tragic mode, (37) these plays are a series of examples of how the Baroque period explored the affective potential, dramatic possibilities, and ethical issues afforded by the tragic pagan universe yet simultaneously relativized tragedy "a la greque.
The Flemish Baroque period featured an extraordinary and prolific artist, Sir Peter Paul Rubens.
Shot in Neill's mid-19th Century Methodist chapel studio, he said: "I studied History of Art and was fascinated by the visceral, dynamic quality of the Baroque period.
Aprendiendo a morir tells the story of the Baroque period of New Spain in a way that has certain parallels with the writings of the Mexican philosopher Edmundo O'Gorman.
Peters Church, where the audience will learn how music was made in the middle ages and early baroque period in Riga.
All disciplines (instruments or voice) will compete in three rounds and perform pieces from the baroque period to the 21st century.
I'd always been interested in classical music from the baroque period but my old friends were surprised when they saw pictures of me in the Baebes.
In the baroque period in Europe, women did not perform in the Catholic Church.
Scagliola is a polished stone inlay technique creating intricate decorative schemes which became popular in the Baroque period, but continues as a highly specialist craft to this day.
Medieval fortress and grand aristocratic residence from the Renaissance or Baroque period scatter the Baden-WE-rttemberg countryside, making it a fascinating destination for historians and those stirred by the atmosphere of a bloodthirsty era.
Laudon argues that the musical era after the Baroque period is insufficiently labeled Classical and Romantic, and that these terms do not address historical events such as the Industrial Revolution and political upheavals, and the new idea of humanity.
In the Baroque period it was usual for arias from popular operas to travel with their performers right through Europe, and so it was a reasonable assumption that some parts of Argippo might be found in music sources that had a connection with singers who had come from Prague.
Dating from the 1st millennium BCE to the 21st century CE, the ROM's renowned collection of more than 50,000 textile and costume artifacts includes outstanding examples of Chinese imperial costume, late Antique and early Islamic textiles from Egypt, Western fashion from the Baroque period to the present day, and early Canadian coverlets.