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the historic period from about 1600 until 1750 when the baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in Europe

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Of the earlier works, Giovanni Viviani's mid-1600s "Sonata Prima" for trumpet and organ was a great example of the improvisational nature of music before the Baroque era codified musical structures.
The author is right to note an increasingly tense relation to materiality in the Baroque era.
The broad nature of the collection highlights the importance of connecting theatre, dance and music of the baroque era.
Expanding on this idea, the last part of the work addresses nature through various gardening traditions, from the strictly ordered gardens of the Baroque era through current biosphere projects, each reflecting a distinct worldview.
Touches of reality bring the setting of "The Four Seasons" to life in the Baroque era of Venice, and the healing, transformative power of music is celebrated first and last.
my favourite composer from the Baroque era has to be Johann Sebastian Bach, who in my opinion is the 'Father of all Composers' - he came first
Meanwhile, Abed Mahfouz's fall/winter 2012-13 collection, which also premiered this week, was inspired by the Baroque era.
Handl's librettist remains unknown, but the plot is another one of those mythological Greek tales, popular in the Baroque era, about star-crossed lovers and their misunderstandings that eventually get worked out.
Further refinements to the instrument made it particularly useful during the Baroque era that followed, when Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, and Georg Philipp Telemann featured the recorder in their works.
10 Carlisle Trumpet Voluntary is the name given to some English keyboard pieces from the Baroque era.
Florilegium was formed in 1991 and quickly established a reputation for stylish and exciting interpretations of music from the baroque era to the early romantic revolution.
Born near Nefyn, Gwynedd in 1710 John Parry was one of the greatest harpists of the Baroque era.
THE CLEVELAND CHAMBER ORCHESTRA will be performing music from the Baroque era with works by Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli and Handel at The Bowes Museum on Saturday, June 27, at 7.
While the earliest compositions/notated music were merely a memo for traditional elements to be used in a special context, compositions in the Renaissance and Baroque era became individual works with more or less specific relation to a context.
For an intimate encounter with some of the world's greatest Dutch and Flemish paintings from the Baroque era, read David de Witt's newly published title, The Bader Collection--Dutch and Flemish Paintings, ISBN-9781553390947, available through the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.