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a member of the British order of honor

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Hartshead Parish Church - the final resting place for George John Armytage, 6th Baronet of Kirklees, who |died on November 12, 1918
It was taken from Venice's Reale Accademia delle Belle Arti at the beginning of the 19th century and released onto the art market when it's thought Sir John, the 3rd baronet, came by it.
But Lady Audrey Hanmer, the wife of the eighth baronet Sir John Hanmer, who died last December, said she had no idea the work was in her family.
She said third baronet Sir John travelled widely in Italy and it was on one of these trips that he probably acquired it.
Situated two miles from Prestatyn, the main mansion house, built for the 7th Baronet Mostyn in the 1820s, contains three wings situated around a large courtyard.
I doubt the writer has the powers to confer peerages on baronets, so Sir William Goring he remains.
The Ghosts of Ruddigore has manly maidens, wicked baronets and ghosts that step down from pictures - all sent-up in Opera della Luna's unique style.
Barons, baronets, earls, dukes, marques and other nobles should, just like the Royal Family, be kept well away from any political decisions.
And his 18-year old son, Ludovic, has inherited his title, making him one of the youngest Baronets in Scotland.
His 18-year-old son, Ludovic, has inherited his title, making him one of the youngest baronets in Scotland.
Confined to a wheelchair for the last months of his life, the colourful baronet was fond of horses and drinking.