Baroness Emmusca Orczy

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British writer (born in Hungary) (1865-1947)


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Based on the popular novels by Baroness Orczy, "The Scarlet Pimpernel" is a classic story of romance and swashbuckling adventure.
In the books by Baroness Orczy what was the real name of the Scarlet Pimpernel?
Based on the tale by Baroness Orczy and set in Revolutionary France, it has songs by Nan Knighton and Frank Wildhorn.
A cast of 80 and a 30-strong orchestra took part in The Scarlet Pimpernel, based on the novel by Baroness Orczy, in the school's Bushell Hall for a week-long run which ended on Saturday.
Baroness Orczy tried to market Sir Percy's exploits as both a book and a play.
BIRKENHEAD Operatic Society Trust have pulled out all the financial stops to stage The Scarlet Pimpernel, a Broadway musical based on the book by Baroness Orczy.
While the stage version cannot hope to do justice to some of the ingenious schemes the Scarlet Pimpernel employed in the Baroness Orczy novel to rescue innocent aristocrats from Madame Guillotine, it is full of action and bristling with good music.
In a world sadly lacking in swash-buckling and daring he brought back the old sense of adventure once loved by aficionados of Rafael Sabatini and Baroness Orczy.
The second was jazzing up the protagonist of the 1905 novel by Baroness Orczy, letting him pull a few superhero tricks from up his sleeve.
IN the last of three feature-length dramas featuring the character created by Baroness Orczy, the Dauphin is being held prisoner by the Republicans.
Like many of us, Vansittart's early reading began with the Baroness Orczy of Scarlet Pimpernel fame, then he went on to John Buchan, Charles Dickens and A E W Mason, whose novel Konigsmark inspired Rex Whistler to make a set of ravishing illustrations in the 1950s which were sold simply as The Konigsmark Drawings.
The captivating caper is based on the classic stories by Baroness Orczy.
The Scarlet Pimpernel is a new adaptation of the novel by Baroness Orczy first published in 1905 and set at the time of the French Revolution.
GRANT takes the title role in the second of three feature- length dramas based on the character created by Baroness Orczy.