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a yard adjoining a barn

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From the windows of his own room he could not see directly into the barnyard where the farm hands had now all assembled to do the morning shores, but he could hear the voices of the men and the neighing of the horses.
Unless our philosophy hears the cock crow in every barnyard within our horizon, it is belated.
Barnyards and Birkenstocks: Why Farmers and Environmentalists Need Each Other is a recommendation for college-level audiences studying political science, social issues, and environmental policy-making alike, and documents two dangerous concurrent trends--the loss of farms and damage to ecosystems--which are connected but often seen as opposing forces.
Arguing strongly for the allying of farmers with environmentalists, author Don Stuart writes in Barnyards and Birkenstocks of the intrinsic need for supporters of the environment and family farmers to overcome their traditional differences and work together to save both the environment and the institution of the family farm.
Of land for small farm barnyards planned like forts
These fun-loving scarecrows and their detailed barnyards were a hit and remained on display throughout the fall season.
It's a charming story of a scarecrow and his barnyard friends.
We discussed what would be found in and around a barnyard and what kind of details a scarecrow would have, such as buttons, patches, suspenders and so on.
Barnyard Supply, Limited has seen this growing need since Mark Berning began his distribution company over 8 years ago.
Barnyard Supply, LTD has seen this growing need since Mark Berning began his distribution company over 7 years ago.