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The team's trials included multiyear tests of the new cultivar's yield, height, and flowering time in both weed-infested and weed-free plots, with barnyardgrass as the dominant species.
Extracts of Sapindus saponaria leaves significantly inhibited the germination of barnyardgrass and morningglory diaspores.
The germinability of barnyardgrass caryopses decreased linearly 2.
The largest foraging group of seedeaters observed consisted of approximately 10 birds feeding on barnyardgrass and Louisiana cupgrass at Site 1.
Seedeaters at Site 2 were observed feeding on southwestern bristlegrass, barnyardgrass and Louisiana cupgrass.
Allelopathic potential of rice against barnyardgrass.
Every 15 minutes, the site displays a new picture of a side-by-side greenhouse trial comparing Roundup UltraMAX and Syngenta's latest imitator product on velvetleaf and barnyardgrass.
The reason of the high competitiveness of Barnyardgrass is that it is an efficient plant (C4 metabolism) as compared to rice (C3 metabolism).
They used several different herbicides for postemergence control of johnsongrass and barnyardgrass in soybeans.
Comparison of Allelopathic Potential of Rice Leaves, Straw, and Hull Extracts on Barnyardgrass.
And it looks like there are two other weeds that allelopathy may be promising against--rice flatsedge and barnyardgrass.