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Synonyms for barn



Synonyms for barn

an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals

(physics) a unit of nuclear cross section

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The second major "and yet" is related to the first, and it is this: Among the quirky, original, eccentric, glorious, idiosyncratic, fabulous, even magical things that will probably be lost with the move of the Barnes to central Philadelphia is its sponsorship of the direct contemplation of art and the invitation to look hard and attentively and to learn from the work of art itself rather than from the experts--its treatment of the work of art as the primary text of all thought about art.
All you have to do is drive 100 miles south of Memphis to see poverty at its best and worst," Barnes says.
But, after a six-month investigation, The Chicago Reporter found that Barnes can show little proof that he does what he is supposed to.
Barnes didn't have a point or a rebound in the first half and his five assists were all but offset by his three turnovers.
Although his book focuses on sociability and social dynamics, Barnes also insists that the religious activities of confraternities not be reduced to social or political interests.
Barnes & Noble's massive warehouse inventory is available in real-time, enabling its booksellers to order and confirm the availability of over one million titles at the click of a button.
Yet the threat of jail and fines wasn't nearly enough to stop Barnes from marrying his friend of 50 years.
Barnes was arrested over the weekend and placed in federal custody, awaiting a bail hearing.
In addition to classic holiday gift ideas, this year Barnes & Noble.
In celebration of the Brighton Barnes & Noble's Grand Opening, the store will host a series of author events:
The public is invited to a Preview Night Party at the new Barnes & Noble at First Colony on Tuesday, October 17, from 6 to 9 p.
Greg is a proven leader with a record of superior performance in leading two of our three business units, Barnes Aerospace and Associated Spring.
The public is invited to a Preview Night Party at the new Evanston Barnes & Noble on Tuesday, August 15, from 6 to 9 p.
The KENT business will be integrated into Barnes Group Inc.
Barnes Aerospace, a business unit of Barnes Group Inc.