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European goose smaller than the brant

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It is also entirely possible that a barnacle skin cowboy is all he's been forever: his book thick, his rules many, his re-grown barnacles countless.
In previous research, we were trying to understand how barnacle adhesives were interacting with surfaces of different chemistries," said Mount, an author on the journal article and founder and director of the Okeanos Research Laboratory in Clemson's department of biological sciences.
These were used subsequently to identify barnacles that were consumed during the experiment versus barnacles that were damaged or removed during deployment, retrieval, or cleaning of the barnacle substrate.
With hundreds of barnacle encrusted pilings and tons of rubble that jut out from both the north and south piers, you can find sheeps-head at most any location along the piers.
This approach allowed her to test the parent age of egg masses from isolated barnacles or barnacles living in pairs.
A new mechanism of host colonization: Pedunculate Barnacles of the genus Octolasmis on the Mangrove crab Scylla serrata.
Adult barnacles (Amphibalanus (= Balanns) amphitrite (21)) were reared at the DUML as described previously.
These individuals, like all individuals of this species that I have observed, inhabited vacant barnacles (Megabalanus).
During winter turtles slowed down as the sea temperatures dropped, giving molluscs and barnacles opportunity to latch on to the carapace, which could often end up weighing more than the turtle.
In fact, the swifter the vertical current, the more likely the barnacles would colonize a rocky surface, the team found.
Then I remembered how I used to go down the beach an awful lot when I was small and that, at one point, all the barnacles disappeared because of a chemical that was used in marine paints.
In fact the "alien-looking" tentacled creatures were spectacularly large examples of goose barnacles - known as Lepas anatifera to marine aficionados.
Small as they are, sea barnacles can still slow a Navy warship by as much as 10 percent and increase its fuel consumption by up to 40 percent.
On around 1% of the beds there is an unusual infestation of barnacles which appears to have caused a high mortality (75%) of cockles.
The scientists have found a fungus called Streptomyces Avermitilis, which is found in the ocean, is extremely poisonous to the kinds of crustaceons and barnacles which commonly attach themselves to hulls, slowing the performance and efficiency of the boat.