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European goose smaller than the brant

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If there was a Childline for barnacle geese you'd be furiously dialling it at this point.
Light-bellied Brent geese, barnacle geese and pink-footed geese are joined by wigeon, grey plovers and bar-tailed godwits as the other VIPs at this coastal 'hotel', where all their favourite food is laid on
In Barnacle Geese, this is thought to be achieved through familiarity rather than by perception of genetic relatedness (Choudhury and Black 1994).
Researchers have studied barnacle geese, which are long-lived birds, the oldest in the study being 22 years old.
MORE than 300 barnacle geese endure a 2,000-mile migration from their breeding grounds in Greenland to Mid Wales each winter.
The birds are shown up-close in flight and interacting with other animals down below, from barnacle geese encountering herds of migrating reindeer, to pelicans plunging into hundreds of nurse sharks.
So, when I was invited to the Wildfowl And Wetlands Trust (WWT) reserve at Caerlaverock on the Solway Firth to watch another such spectacle of nature - the daily flights of some 30,000 barnacle geese between their night-time roost on the estuary to the fields where they graze by day - this time in the raw, I jumped at the chance.
The ospreys flew to Africa for winter, but visitors can still see whooper swans, Canada and barnacle geese, otters, kingfishers and peregrine falcons from Pont Croesor viewing site.
Barnacle Geese are so called because it was once thought they emerged from barnacles on rocks
Barnacle geese can live some 20 years, but their prime reproductive years come between ages 6 and 11, says Black.
As we arrive at this twitchers' Mecca, we are greeted by the din of 40,000 rising barnacle geese, flapping and honking over the reserve as they stir and settle.
ey graze the grassland mak-mak ing it ideal for birds such as lapwings and barnacle geese who call the reserve home.
Definition you really have If there was a Childline for barnacle geese you'd be furiously dialling it at this point.