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a yard adjoining a barn

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The cows sometimes sunk almost to their waists when they tried to snag some green bit of grass just off the boundary of the barn yard.
s immigrant population exploded over the past 15 years so did the number of barn yard animals.
The five gardens open in the village are: Black Barn House - newly established garden on site of old barn yard, designed on circular linking theme.
lGeoff Lewis buys the Thirty Acre Barn yard at Epsom from the Ingham family.
The animals, suddenly cured, return to the barn yard.
Barn Yard House, Gibbet Hill, Shawell, conversion of existing barn to provide a dwelling.
Annual grass species - barn yard grass and green, yellow, and giant foxtail.
21 (450m H/c): Barn Yard, Autumn Mindy, Tyrur Ayallo, Jumeirah Alesha, Greenisle Iona, Mill Canyon.
10,000 hens per hectare should be labelled barn yard or cage free eggs, Mr Fryar said.
If you have attended the Worcester County 4-H Fair in the past, you can look forward to the first year of the Barn Yard Challenge, featuring events such as wheelbarrow and three-legged races, and a hay bale toss.