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mottled buff and white owl often inhabiting barns and other structures

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Head keeper Karl Law with the empty bird cages, and (inset) Helen Hough with one of the centre's barn owls, two of which were taken in the latest raid
Barn owls need rough grassland to feed in as well as somewhere safe to nest.
Earlier this month, members of the AgroLIFE project and officers of the game service installed eight nests in the village of Anogira, Limassol, which will house barn owls, the rat's (Rattus rattus) natural enemy.
We are unsure whether the two communally nesting females were related, but it is documented that related Barn Owls have bred together monogamously (one male and one female) in Europe (Shaw 1989, Roulin 1996), and we have also recorded siblings (three cases) breeding together in Israel (MC, unpubl.
She'll be a big lass, mind, with American Barn Owls usually 50% bigger than their British counterparts.
Rhug once had one of the largest populations of barn owls in Wales.
e results will also help the trust advise landowners and farmers who are already managing their land sympathetically for WILDLIFE and are looking to help barn owls even further.
A BARN owl was stolen by thieves in a break-in on Merseyside.
He was filmed slapping a barn owl before kicking it into a corner of the garden.
Later an expert found the remains of barn owl pellets in the ashes," said Mr Hughes.
To watch the "PGC Wild Cam," click on the photo button in the center of the page featuring to barn owls.
Gordon, who used to hunt with his birds, but is now unable to due to his arthritis, said: "Maggie loves the barn owls Widget and George and she adores their chick called Jenny.
Rosen is barn owls are a strictly nocturnal species and are basically immobilized during daylight hours.
It marks the tenth anniversary of the group, set up in 2001 in response to the low numbers of barn owls in the country when it was estimated there were just 30 breeding pairs left.
Record numbers of barn owls have been found and reported to wildlife groups by the public, with birds often being discovered near to their roosting sites in barns and farm out-buildings.