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the large sliding door of a barn

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Barn doors are also perfect to hide a media area, or even a flat-screen TV, should you wish to cover it when it is not in use.
The ball head is made from high-quality, solid aluminium and can support the full weight of the AEOS with battery and barn doors mounted, at any angle.
Distressed looks continue to trend in many categories, while white antique looks and finishes, sliding barn doors and pocket doors as well as large proportioned furniture to counterbalance small-space furnishings are all influencing designs.
People that design homes or fix them up with barn doors might have their eyes toward other key design elements that people value, like a farmhouse sink or an open kitchen.
A NEW wedding business in Northumberland has opened its barn doors for the first time thanks to banking support.
Other products made by Hunt, Helm, Ferris not mentioned in the article included tracks and rollers for barn doors and rope pulleys for their hay-handling equipment.
It features sliding doors on both sides and a rear end with 60/40-split barn doors.
Our barn is quite unusual because it has two barn doors but these let in loads of light and make it feel very spacious and airy.
From sliding barn doors to standing-seam metal roofs, these are outstanding displays of originality and choice and powerful picks for any architectural collection.
DUDLEY - The Black Tavern Historical Society threw open the barn doors last week, debuting a restoration project that united the very young and old in a quest to preserve Dudley history.
The remaining upper horse stalls were divided from the living space by sliding barn doors and left as a home for the chickens that provide eggs for Naylor's family and her grandson's egg delivery business.
This included: removing all antique electrical switches, removing several craftsman-style windows, pulling and de-nailing all trim, salvaging the old-growth fir stair treads, and removing the barn doors from their wall openings.
You can open up the barn doors and connect all the public spaces," Coleman says.
Turning a blind eye is not the same as linking hands and kicking open the barn doors to let in all the other livestock.