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the large sliding door of a barn

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The trailers are used on standard loading bays and have been specified with a mix of rear roller shutter doors and rear barn doors.
After the $190 million horse is out of the barn, they're closing the barn doors to keep the next $120 million horse from getting out,'' said David Koff, a senior research analyst with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union, who led the fight two years ago to halt Belmont.
But O'Neill joked:'Don't worry, I didn't have to put any barn doors up at training
Liverpool's goal-shy striking duo Peter Crouch and Fernando Morientes, who have been laughed at by barn doors throughout this season, are nailed on to score at Anfield today.
The vehicle features twin barn doors at the rear, a snorkel, under-body protection, 17-inch alloy wheels, 93-litre main and 45-litre auxiliary fuel tanks, vinyl flooring, six airbags, electronic stability control, hill start assist, multi-terrain ABS and Toyota CRAWL.
TWO MAGAZINES CLEAN START It's time to take a fresh look at new homes FREE RANGE Barn doors open for visitors Property .
The original Little House books, besides being wonderful stories of pioneer life, are a veritable treasure house of practical hints and tips on everything from smoking meat to digging wells, from growing milk fed pumpkins to building barn doors without hardware.
W "ey managed to get one of the barn doors open and helped shoo the animals out.
nOn slip flooring body glass re-enforced panel (grp) minimum 14mm white panel construction with bonded seal (no bolts showing) double insulated white roof 2 x barn doors secured with stainless steel 3 point locking system & door retainers
The same methane locked up in hydrates also comes out of the rear ends of cows and sheep, but the gas industry is not bursting down barn doors to collect the flatus of farm animals.
2) It requires staging and a group of volunteers to hang the new barn doors as part of the restoration project at the Black Tavern.
This included: removing all antique electrical switches, removing several craftsman-style windows, pulling and de-nailing all trim, salvaging the old-growth fir stair treads, and removing the barn doors from their wall openings.
Some of his works are bold, colourful and the size of barn doors.
And there's a lot of unnecessary security - it's like closing the barn doors after the horse escapes.
Turning a blind eye is not the same as linking hands and kicking open the barn doors to let in all the other livestock.