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an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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Their case has been referred to the Civil Court, which will decide whether the barmen should compensate the victims.
Family and friends of both the barmen and Mr Parish wept in court as the case was withdrawn.
Was it simply a momentous event in church history, the significance of which is nonetheless confined to the era of the Kirchenkampf (church struggle), an occasion to remember with gratitude the statements of affirmation and rejection contained in the Barmen Declaration at that time?
My colleagues will reflect on the theological and ecclesiastical significance of the Barmen Declaration.
He added: "Irish barmen are the best in the world and they pride themselves on knowing all about Guinness.
The barmen are both from Kilfithmone, Borrisoleigh, Co Tipperary, The trial is expected to go ahead at Nenagh Circuit Court.
In the words of the late Praises of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, Peter Baier, we like to say that, "the missing seventh Barmen Thesis stands here built in stone".
The Barmen declaration, one of the most important documents that caused a representative portion of the Protestant church in Germany to show solidarity with those who where being the victims of the Nazi regime, above all the Jews, has at its theological core an exclusivist and Christocentric statement.
TWO golf club barmen accused of staging a fake robbery have been bailed by police pending further inquiries.
The barman, like all barmen, was a dedicated gambler, and quickly took the bet.
I came back to the crowd of people I was drinking with and I remember saying that he was one of the unfriendliest barmen I'd ever met.
The raiders smashed at Carolyn Aspley's hand with a claw hammer as she tried to phone the police and one of her barmen was punched in the face by the robbers.
BARMEN in the Republic are suing their former bosses over damage to their health which they claim was as a result of smoky pub air and poor ventilation.
By MIRROR REPORTER THE trial of two barmen charged with the unlawful killing of a man who died from acute alcohol intoxication, has been adjourned until May.
The Barmen Theological Declaration, with which in 1934 the Confessing Synod of the German Evangelical Church in Wuppertal-Barmen marked itself off from the ideology of National Socialism which had permeated the churches, is assuming increasing importance in the churches of the CPCE.