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Synonyms for meal

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Barium meal pictures were taken for cases with pyloric stenosis due to peptic ulcer disease and all 12 had dilated stomach and stasis of barium.
Patients in Group B were managed conservatively initially and upon resolution of the acute abdomen, they were subsequently investigated with Barium meal follow-through and Mantoux test for establishing a definitive diagnosis.
Carroll E, Brennan E Radiation doses for barium enema and barium meal examinations in Ireland: potential diagnostic reference levels.
The child had a colonoscopy, barium meal, and later an MRI scan and lumbar puncture - without ethical approval, the panel was told.
According to Kobayashi, a tumor must measure in the 200-1000mg range to be detected by a barium meal and x-ray program.
QI OFTEN feel queasy but no cause has been identified, despite scopes and a barium meal.
The report also notes Dr Macklon made little or no direct attempt to speed up Mr Elder's barium meal X-ray, which was eventually brought forward following intervention from the chief executive.
She had been due to have a barium meal - a solution which helps when X-raying the upper alimentary canal - at 9.
One such physician, needing to be able to differentiate visually between two barium meals fed to a patient, instructed the technician preparing the second barium meal to ask for a food color from the kitchen with which to color the second meal.
I have had a barium meal, X-rays and blood and urine tests which were all clear.
In 25% of patients, no investigations were performed; 75% of patients underwent endoscopy or ingested a barium meal.
I was hospitalized twice and whole panels of doctors could not figure out what my illness stemmed from (I stopped short of a barium meal they wanted me to ingest--no thanks
Otherwise, you may have a barium meal X-ray-the stomach and intestines don't show up on ordinary X-rays, so you need to have something to create an outline.