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someone who operates a barge

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But the villa indicates that the fort must have been occupied by an elite unit - probably the Tigris Bargemen - which originally came from Iraq.
Iraqi writer Samuel Shimon dwells on the experiences of his countrymen, the Tigris Bargemen, who were based at Arbeia fort in South Shields.
A Fourth-Century garrison was the Tigris Bargemen, originally raised in what is now Iraq, and one theory is that the name of Arbeia means "the place of the Arabs".
Garrisons of Wall forts included auxiliary units such as the Batavians (Dutch), Tungrians (Belgians), Gauls (French), Dacians (Romanians), Austurians (Spanish), Syrian archers and, at South Shields, Tigris (Iraqi) bargemen.
There were maybe a few dozen lads, the occasional girl, who came and got their tot of junk - railwaymen, bargemen, all walks of life really," Dr Marks said, describing the patients he was given when he moved to Widnes.
We had the first settled Muslim community in the country, we had Iraqi bargemen protecting our Roman fort and we have had Yemenis and other nationals settled and living in South Shields since 1894.
Second, this movement defies a rigid separation between a class of "rural peasants" and "urban workers," as the coordination and leadership of them was the responsibility of itinerant handworkers, loggers, river men, bargemen, teamsters, and wagoners, precisely those categories of workers with a foot both in the "country" and the "city.
She was only found after a River Thames bargemen found a package that contained a dead girl inside and traced it back to Dyer's farm.
The mining industry is the largest employer in the state employing: 52,000 general truckers, 26,000 mining trucks, 7,000 bargemen and another 75,000 people directly employed in the mining industry.
IN 1896, two bargemen were sailing slowly up the Thames when they noticed a brown paper parcel floating on the water's surface.